4 Responses to 010 | Tactical Retreat

  1. Frank Harr says:

    Yeah, that guy can be run away from.

    • The Author says:

      He is a real and actual guy… who I worked for…
      All names have been changed to protect the guilty.

    • The Author says:

      BTW, Your tidbit of input about how awkwardly Geek Fortress had been shoehorned onto Unearth is what led to migrating it to it’s own subdomain.
      Q: Overreaction on my part?

      • Frank Harr says:

        No wonder you started a web comic

        You’re welcome.

        A: Maybe not. This is a lot more straightforward and easy to understand. I guess that you were trying to simplify your setup, however, and I hope it’s straightforward on your end too.

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